What we do?

Strengthen Newsroom

Quality journalism matters. Accurate, balanced and credible public information have been a backbone for democratic societies for a long history. Today, information produced in a professional manner has more value than any time in the history. New technology gives ability to exchange information in any scale for everyone, but on the other side some bad […]

Promote online privacy & safety

As digital technology is advancing, many challenges are also being surfaced at individual, group, community, national and international level. Privacy protection and security concerns are the big issues. We would love work with communities, identify their problems and help to fix. Activities of project: Awareness campaigns Research and publications Policy intervention

Advocate tech equity

We strongly believe every citizens living in any country with any situation should have rights to the technologies in an equitable manner. There are many issues of equitable technologies, having solidarity with all of them; we mainly focus from the public communication aspects for accessible and affordable media, language and cultural representation, user empowerment and […]

Support tech for living

From a local farmer to a corporate trader and from a street-tea-shop to a big supermarket, the newly evolved digital technology offers benefits to almost every profession and business. However, there are still big percentage of people and communities those are still left behind and not benefits are offered. We would like to help them […]