Symposium on information disorder concludes 

Digital Media Foundation organized a national level symposium on ‘Information disorder and Nepali news media’ having an in-depth discussion with experts and stakeholders. Press Council Nepal was the collaboration partner for the research and event. 

Research outputs two media experts, Umesh Shrestha and Laxman Datta Panta briefly presented their observations and findings. Shrestha explained types and nature of information disorders, such as fake news, disinformation, misinformation and mal-information and evidences found in Nepali media. He highlighted key issues of information disorder that Nepali media have been facing.

Panta discussed key players, such as politician, religion, ethnic and social leaders, people with business motives, contributing for recent information disorders and suggested some options to mitigate impacts such as fact checks and practice of code of ethics.

Balkrishna Basnet, president of Press Council Nepal, chief guest of the event appreciated event concept, research presentations and active discussion of participants. He has promised to work together with other organizations to fight the present crisis of information disorder.

Similarly, president of Federation of Nepalese Journalist, Bipul Pokharel expressed solidarity for the movement against fake news, disinformation, misinformation and mal-information. He highlighted negative impacts of information disorder in the professional journalism sector.

Member of Press Council Nepal, Thakur Belbase, FNJ Lekha Samiti chair, Lekhanath Neupane, president of Internet Government Institute, Baburam Aryal, president of Online Journalists Association, Shiva Shatyal, president of Nepal Internet Foundation, Bikram Shrestha, editors, journalists, IT professionals and lawyers were participated actively and presented their opinion on the subject.